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What is Docker?

  1. Docker is an open-source, centralized platform designed to create, deploy and run applications.

  2. Docker is a set of "platform as a service" that uses operating system-level virtualization. Whereas VMware uses hardware-level virtualization.

  3. Docker is written in the "Go" language. It is a tool that performs OS-level virtualization, also known as containerization.

Advantages of Docker :-

  1. Less Cost.

  2. No pre-allocation of RAM.

  3. CI Efficiency- Docker enables you to build a container image and use that same image across every step of the deployment process.

  4. It is lightweight.

  5. It can run on physical hardware/virtual hardware or the cloud.

  6. We can reuse the image.

  7. It takes very less time to create the container.

Disadvantages of Docker :-

  1. Docker is not a good solution for application that requires rich GUI.

  2. Docker does not provide platform compatibility. This means if the application is designed to run in a docker container on Windows then it can't run on Linux or vice versa.

  3. The docker is suitable when the development O.S. and testing O.S. same. If OS is different we should run VM.

  4. No solution for data recovery and backup.